How to switch from dark to light mode automatically on schedule on Windows

Do you want Windows 10 to switch between the light and dark modes on schedule automatically? Here’s how you can do this, even though the system lacks an official option.

Alongside the slew of personalization settings, Windows 10 ships with two color modes, including the “light” color mode, which applies a lighter color scheme across apps and desktop elements, such as Start menu, taskbar, and action center, and it’s a mode that works well during daytime. Then there’s the “dark” color mode that allows you to set a darker set of colors across the desktop and apps, and it’s more suited for low-light environments.

Whether you like the lighter or darker colors on your device, Windows 10 makes it easy to change modes using the Settings app. However, it doesn’t offer an option to switch between the two color modes depending on the time of day automatically, similar to other OSes, including Xbox One.

If switching between dark and light (and vice versa) is an option you would like to have on your device, you can create an automated process using the Task Scheduler and a few simple PowerShell commands to modify the Registry to switch to light mode during the day and dark mode at night, automatically.

In this Windows 10 guide, we walk you through the steps to configure your device to switch between the light and dark system modes depending on the time of day, using a few PowerShell commands and Task Scheduler.

Via:: Windows Central

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