Dark mode now live in OneNote for iOS

OneNote is the latest Microsoft app to gain a dark mode.

What you need to know

  • OneNote for iOS now has a dark mode.
  • The dark mode has been in testing for beta testers since earlier this month.
  • All of Microsoft 365 will receive dark modes over time on iOS and Android.

Microsoft OneNote now has a dark mode for iOS users. OneNote is the lastest Microsoft 365 app to jump on the dark mode train, following OneDrive and Microsoft To Do. Microsoft is working on bringing a dark mode to all of Microsoft 365, and it’s expected that Word, Excel, and PowerPoint could soon gain dark modes as well.

Dark modes all generally serve the same purpose. They replace the majority of white backgrounds and some lighter elements with dark counterparts. The end result is an app that reduces eye strain and can save battery life depending on the device that you’re using. OneNote is a particularly bright app when in light mode because of the large white canvases and menus within the app. Dark mode switches these to canvasses that are easier on the eyes.

Via:: Windows Central

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