The Division 2 Episode 2 update is huge and exciting

Ubisoft is pushing out both Title Update 6 and the Episode 2 narrative content at the same time, and there’s a heap going on.

It’s been a while since there was an update to The Division 2 of the magnitude of what is coming on October 15. In recent weeks the dev team has been teasing what’s coming through official streams and PTS access on PC to check out some of the under the hood improvements.

But this update is the biggest one to date. Not only does it include Title Update 6 and a host of improvements to the base game, it brings with it Episode 2, the all-new narrative content that continues the story of the fall of Washington D.C.

We’ve spent a little time examining the new update ahead of its scheduled launch, and here’s what you can expect.

Pentagon: The Last Castle

Ahead of launch, no spoilers, so you’re safe to read on if you’re keen to avoid any details, though we’ll have a playthrough of the first mission as soon as the update is available. But here’s a brief outline of what to expect.

Upon launching Episode 2 you’re presented with a cutscene, the same as has been broadcast ahead of time. It’s a transmission from a Division agent located at The Pentagon, which has been invaded by Black Tusk forces.

It’s your job to get down there and retake The Last Castle.

Via:: Windows Central

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