Cloud9 touts Microsoft Azure partnership with goofy videos

Azure is helping Cloud9 crack down on enemy junglers, stay on top of patches, and more.

What you need to know

  • Esports team Cloud9 is now using Microsoft Azure to help analyze data and give them a strategic boost.
  • Cloud9 is using Azure to study enemy movements, team compositions, and more.
  • To mark the start of the partnership, Microsoft and the team have released two humorous videos.

Microsoft announced today that Cloud9, one of the biggest esports teams out there, is now using Azure to help its players strategize and prepare for their matches. As part of the announcement, Cloud9 and Microsoft also released two humorous videos talking about how Azure is helping them.

Cloud9 is using Azure to monitor and analyze everything from how patch changes impact the game, to enemy movements and team compositions.

Via:: Windows Central

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