Unseen Rainbow Six Siege data provides glimpse into Operator balancing

Ubisoft provides a behind-the-scenes look at Rainbow Six Siege updates, alongside a dump of balancing data.

Ubisoft has released a set of previously-unseen data for Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege, providing a glimpse into player trends, and the processes to support its ever-changing tactical shooter. Hot Breach Podcast welcomed developers at Ubisoft Barcelona, breaking down the approach to balancing, how data is leveraged to improve the state of play.

Rainbow Six Siege continues to evolve, embracing a shifting gameplay meta, outlining the most effective tactics and synergies. It led to a dedicated balancing cell launched last year, committed to research and analysis, and translating this to meaningful gameplay adjustments. The two-hour show hosted key figures, touching on the state of Operators, with new insight behind decisions.

Watch Now: Hot Breach Podcast – Live from Barcelona

The broadcast kicked off with broader Operator balancing, exploring win deltas and presence, traditionally reserved to Ubisoft’s seasonal Designer Notes. The latest chart highlights performance and popularity among top-tier gameplay while conveying differences between Operation Phantom Sight’s Y4S2.3 patch and Ember Rise.

Via:: Windows Central

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