The Sims 4 gets Xbox Dynamic Lighting for Razer Turret keyboard and mouse

The Sims 4 has expanded its Xbox One mouse and keyboard capabilities, now featuring Xbox Dynamic Lighting.

What you need to know

With Xbox One boasting native mouse and keyboard support, a steadily-growing pool of titles supports its controller alternative. Electronic Arts was among initial adopters with The Sims 4 earlier this year, especially fitting given the series’ past PC successes. Its latest Xbox One update elevates this integration, hooking into Xbox Dynamic Lighting for the Razer Turret mouse and keyboard.

Xbox Dynamic Lighting serves in-game lighting effects to RGB keyboards, currently exclusive to the Razer Turret combo for Xbox One consoles. Like Razer Chroma for PC, the feature aims to enhance titles via custom contextual lighting. The Sims 4 now leverages this to convey moods, secret world themes, among other components. The feature has dropped with its latest The Sims 4 update, dubbed V1.19.

Via:: Windows Central

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