How the PlayStation 5’s controller haptics could help Xbox

Sony revealed aspects of the PlayStation 5 in a partnership with Wired this week, and one of the announcements was a little bit familiar.

Recently, Sony revealed new details about the PlayStation 5, in a big exclusive with Wired. The industry-leader discussed upcoming features for its next console, slated for a Holiday 2020 launch, offering details on 4K Blu-ray playback, hardware-accelerated ray-tracing, and much more.

One notable upcoming feature pertains to controller haptics, which is something the Xbox One already enjoys to some degree. Games like Gears 5, The Division, and the recent Tomb Raider games leverage the Xbox One’s haptic triggers to varying degrees, typically through gunplay.

Today on Xbox One, Microsoft has haptic vibration motors not just in the handgrips, but also in the triggers, offering a more tactile experience. Unfortunately, however, very few developers actually use the feature, outside of Microsoft’s own first-party efforts. With Sony getting on board with haptics, that increases the likelihood that future Xbox controllers will also get to enjoy this implementation as the feature becomes more mainstream and thus, more expected.

Sony’s implementation goes far beyond simple trigger haptics and weighty rumble motors, adding high-frequency actuators that actually impart a sense of texture.

From Wired:

Via:: Windows Central

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