Do Microsoft Surface Earbuds work with iPhones and iPads?

Best answer: Yes, Microsoft Surface Earbuds will support iPhone and iPad devices. However, some features are accessible exclusively to Android and Windows 10 devices, attributed to the closed nature of iOS.

Do iPhones and iPads support Microsoft Surface Earbuds?

Surface Earbuds bring a new truly wireless in-ear accessory to Microsoft in-house hardware, promising everyday cable-free listening for mobile and PC. Connected over Bluetooth, an open wireless standard, both iPhones and iPads pair and play over the earbuds.

All core Microsoft Surface Earbuds features translate when used via an iPhone or iPad, including audio from calls and entertainment. Their integrated touch panel also serves natural gestures for fingertip control over playback. Tapping jumps between pause and play, swiping up and down tweaks volume, and horizontal moves skip tracks. Gestures are expected to function on iPhone and iPad devices. Microsoft has also promised support for various assistants, including native compatibility with Apple’s own Siri voice companion.

Via:: Windows Central

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