Defeat other mages and grow the biggest beard in MageQuit

Avada Ka-bearda. Defeat the other mages for the longest beard.

What you need to know

  • MageQuit is an indie title developed and published by Bowlcut Studios.
  • The game focuses on mage versus mage combat, supporting up to ten players all duking it out with spells.
  • As you win rounds, your beard grows longer. The mage with the biggest beard wins.
  • You can grab MageQuit for $15 on the Microsoft Store.

MageQuit is an indie game that is, appropriately enough, based around mage-on-mage combat. Developed and published by Bowlcut Studios, this spellcasting title sees different mages draft spells then engage in battle, in teams or in a free-for-all. With each victory, your mage’s beard will grow longer. At the end of nine rounds, the mage with the longest beard is the winner. You can check out the launch trailer for MageQuit below:

Via:: Windows Central

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