Creative’s Pebble Plus is a seriously good set of PC speakers

These speakers look great, sound great, and don’t cost a lot. You even get a subwoofer!

Whether you consume a lot of media or enjoy gaming without a headset, investing in a good set of PC speakers can make your experience a little better.

Fortunately, you’re not short on choice, but what we have here is something that should undoubtedly be on your shortlist. Creative makes superb quality PC audio products, and the Pebble Plus takes the company’s cutesy looking Pebble speakers and juices them up a little.

And if you’re tight on budget or space, they’re particularly noteworthy.

Sounding awesome

Creative Pebble Plus

Bottom line: They may look cute, but these speakers aren’t only stylish they pack a lot of punch for not a lot of money

Via:: Windows Central

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