Xbox Game Pass can teach Apple Arcade a thing or two

The best ways this new service can improve will rely on borrowing from Microsoft.

Out of the gate, there are no other ways to describe Apple Arcade other than a huge success. It launched with a compelling list of unique titles spanning nearly every genre, supports the entire Apple ecosystem as soon as you buy in, and is available at a reasonable price. As Freshman efforts go, this is a fantastic service with a lot of room to grow. But it does need to grow, both in the total number of titles available and the features currently offered through the platform.

To get a better idea of where Apple Arcade is headed, it’s probably best to look at the biggest game subscription platform available today – Xbox Game Pass. Here’s where I think Apple Arcade can borrow from Microsoft to make this already great platform just a little better.

Better gifting options

You’ve been able to give someone an iTunes gift card for almost as long as the service has existed, to use as a purchasing gateway for everything on the site. And it’s true that if you want to sign up for Apple Arcade you can pay for it with your iTunes balance, making it possible to just add a gift card every once in a while and keep the service going without involving your bank account directly.

Via:: Windows Central

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