New patent shows how the Surface Duo camera could work

The Surface Duo might have a single camera that can be used for selfies and regular photos.

What you need to know

  • A new patent shares details on how the camera might work on the Surface Duo.
  • The patent implies that an upcoming dual-screen device could have a single camera.
  • According to the patent, the device could show what the camera was capturing on one or both displays.

A new patent shows how the camera could work on the Surface Duo (via WindowsUnited). US Patent No: US 10,440,632 B2 includes several details about how a dual-screen device from Microsoft could work. If certain aspects of the patent were used on the Surface Duo, the device might have a single camera that can be used for either selfies or rear-facing photos.

The patent was applied for by Microsoft Technology Licensing LLC. It was originally filed on June 19, 2017. It shows off several ways that a folding device with multiple displays could work. Many of which seem similar to what we saw in the Surface Duo at the recent October Surface Event.

Via:: Windows Central

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