Here’s why the Surface Neo runs Windows, but the Duo has Android

Android or Windows? That is the ultimate question, and the answer may surprise you. It’s both.

Last week, Microsoft unveiled two new foldable devices that are expected to start shipping at the end of next year, which push forward Surface as a brand into new categories. One sticking point amongst fans, however, has been the decision to use Windows on the bigger Surface Neo and Android on the smartphone-sized Surface Duo. Some people don’t understand why Microsoft has chosen two different OS’s for these devices, and I continue to receive these kinds of questions on Twitter.

I want to explain why Microsoft has chosen to use different operating systems across the Neo and Duo, and how it’s important for certain form factors to be running the OS that makes the most sense for that device.

The difference between Surface Neo and Surface Duo

While Surface Neo and Surface Duo look similar externally, they are actually very different devices. One is a PC, and one is a phone. This is the key reason behind why these devices run different operating systems. It appears there’s some confusion around this, with many people on Twitter asking me why Neo isn’t running Android like the Duo is, and vice versa. It’s because they are different form factors at their core.

Via:: Windows Central

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