Dogs in Disguise wallpaper pack now available, just in time for Halloween

What you need to know

  • Microsoft released a new wallpaper pack featuring dogs in disguises.
  • The wallpaper pack is free.
  • It’s available now, just in time for Halloween.

A new wallpaper pack featuring dogs in disguises is avaialble for Windows 10. The pack includes dogs dressed up as cows, ballerinas, squirrels, and more. It has 14 images that you can use as your desktop wallpaper. It’s available for free through the Microsoft Store.

Microsoft regularly releases wallpaper packs, and they often feature dogs in seasonal attire. Near the beginning of Summer, MIcrosoft released a wallpaper pack of dogs in sunglasses that was quite popular.

If you want to personalize your PC, but don’t love dogs in costumes, make sure to check out our collection of the best apps for personalizing your PC.

Via:: Windows Central

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