Corsair’s $100 K57 RGB Wireless Keyboard is a fantastic option for gamers

Corsair has done a great job bringing features from its more expensive keyboards to the K57.

Corsair has a wide variety of gaming keyboards, and its latest $100 option has a host of useful new features. The K57 RGB Wireless is aimed at the budget audience, and comes with Slipstream wireless tech — the first time we’re seeing it on a keyboard — and bright LEDs for uniform backlighting.

Corsair had to make a few sacrifices to hit the $100 price point; the K57 has membrane keys instead of the usual Cherry MX mechanical switches. You do get other extras, however: there are six macro keys, a detachable palm rest, individual key lighting that’s highly configurable via iCUE, and 1ms wireless connectivity. It’s that last feature that should get you excited, as the K57 offers seamless connectivity that’s indistinguishable from a wired keyboard. Here’s why you should care about the Corsair K57 RGB Wireless Keyboard.

Via:: Windows Central

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