Prop your laptop up, improve air flow, and more with a laptop stand

Sitting up straighter or standing is a great way to improve your posture when using a laptop, but this can sometimes result in your device feeling uncomfortable to use. Laptop stands are a fantastic way to solve this problem, as they allow you to elevate your computer above your desk. The laptop stand market is wide, but among the competition, we think the standout winner is the AOOU Laptop Stand as it maintains a fantastic balance between versatility, durability, and price.

Best Overall: AOOU Laptop Stand

The AOOU Laptop Stand is the best overall laptop stand you can get on the market right now, as it offers pretty much everything you could ever want in a laptop stand for an excellent price. The best thing about it is its triple-jointed legs that can both rotate 360 degrees and also extend and retract fully, allowing you to adjust its height up to 19 inches and angle it into any configuration you want.

The stand is made up of hard plastic, which isn’t the strongest material, but it’s fine for what you’re going to be using it for. In addition, the flatbed has two miniature fans (the power supply is included with the purchase) in it that help keep your laptop cool, and it also comes with a mini mouse table on the right side. When you consider just how much value you get for the price, it’s clear why this desk is an amazing choice.

Via:: Windows Central

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