Icecream Video Editor is a nice free video editor, but it needs polishing

Icecream Video Editor has enough features for many users but needs to be cleaned up to be an everyday editor.

Video editing doesn’t require a superpowered PC or an expensive suite of software. There are plenty of free options that can handle everything from basic editing to multi-layered creation. Icecream Video Editor is a new video editor from Icecream Apps. It’s simple and easy to use but has enough features that some users wouldn’t miss other editors. It’s not a professional video editor, but it’s a step or two above many free editing applications.

Icecream Video Editor supports trimming video and audio clips, inserting transitions, managing multiple projects, and adding effects. Unfortunately, it could use some polishing and bug removal. In my testing, I ran into some issues that prevent it from being a go-to for video editors on a budget.

Free editing

Icecream Video Editor


Bottom line: Icecream editor has an easy-to-use interface and enough features that it’s worth looking at if you’re a video editor on a budget.

Via:: Windows Central

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