Why Razer is betting big on sponsored esports teams

A busy weekend of live esports.

This week saw Razer anticipate its sponsored squads to win more titles at various esports events, notably British-born Benjamin ‘Problem X’ Simon. There’s also a rather large FIFA tournament going on. It has been quite the weekend for live esports events.

British Razer combatant aiming for domination

2019 is going to be a potentially good year for Team Razer as the company announced a record number of esports players will represent at the finals of EVO 2019 and The Internations (TI9) Dota 2. With upwards of $30 million up for grabs across both tournaments, there’s plenty at stake of Team Razer. Razer currently works with 18 of the top competing teams within the industry.

Razer sponsored teams are gearing up for a strong 2019.

The spotlight is firmly fixed on British player Benjamin ‘Problem X’ Simon, who just so happens to be the current reigning champion in Street Fighter V after his stellar performance at EVO 2018. “I am extremely competitive, and I find it fun and thrilling to compete under high-pressure environments. Winning EVO a second time in a row would be amazing for me, as nobody has ever won the main EVO event for Street Fighter V twice in a row before.”

Via:: Windows Central

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