Blazing Chrome quite possibly the best Contra-like game ever made

Blazing Chrome is completely bonkers!

Blazing Chrome is a co-op shoot ’em up on Xbox One that pays homage to the Contra franchise from Konami. While Konami’s next Contra project is a twin-stick shooter called Contra: Rogue Corps for some odd reason, developer JoyMasher has gone and made a worthy successor with Blazing Chrome. The gameplay is precise yet accessible, and the power-ups and bosses are a sight to behold. Given the title’s level variety, it might be the best Contra-like game ever made.

Survive the hordes

Blazing Chrome


Bottom line: Blazing Chrome on Xbox One is one of the best run ‘n’ gun shooters out there.


  • Fantastic pixelated visuals
  • Precise controls
  • Tremendous level variety


  • Steep difficulty curve
  • Relatively short campaign
  • Some characters feel similar

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