Waterfield Designs Tech Rolltop Backpack review, Dan Rubino’s new fave

This highly adaptable backpack is the best money can buy for your laptop

Waterfield is one of my favorite makers of quality laptop bags, backpacks, and slings. Hand-stitched and assembled in San Francisco these bags are certainly more money than your average mass-produced ones from China. But these bags also last a lot longer and are like nothing else available.

I’ve been using the new Tech Rolltop backpack for the last three months. It’s the perfect bag for those who sometimes want to pack a lot, but on most days travel light. That ability is thanks to the expanding main pocket with a rolltop and ingenious latching mechanism. Here’s what you need to know about the latest from Waterfield Designs.

Small now big

Waterfield Designs Tech Rolltop Backpack


Via:: Windows Central

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