How to watch Ninja, and all of Mixer, from your Windows 10 PC

Mixplay for Mixer is the rebranded Mixer Go that provides an excellent Mixer experience on Windows 10.

Updated August 2, 2019: With the news that Ninja will exclusively stream on Mixer coming out, many users will check out the platform for the first time. You can check out his channel on this excellent Mixer client. The original review follows with some minor edits.

Mixer Go was one of my favorite apps to review last year. Its implementation of Mixer features within a UWP app was excellent, and at the time, I asked why Microsoft hadn’t made the app themselves.

That sentiment is only stronger now that Mixer Go has been rebranded to Mixplay for Mixer. The rebrand brings a complete app overhaul, support for Mixer’s Faster Than Light (FTL) low latency streaming, Hypezone, and Mixer Season 2 features.

Mixplay for Mixer took what I loved about Mixer Go and removed or improved the few flaws that it had. It’s available for free on Windows 10 and Surface Hub.

Via:: Windows Central

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