With its impressive Reverb headset, HP delivers a superior WMR experience

An all-new redesign with a focus on achieving the highest pixel density gives the HP Reverb an edge.

MIcrosoft’s Windows Mixed Reality (WMR) hasn’t garnered a lot of headlines in 2019 after laying a solid foundation, but Microsoft and its partners are trudging ahead. HP’s new Reverb headset had a rocky launch and a slow rollout, limited availability, and reports of some early hardware issues, but that doesn’t mean it’s also not one of the best head-mounted displays (HMD) yet.

I spent the last few weeks playing with the HP Reverb, and while it’s mostly geared for professional environments, regular consumers and virtual reality (VR) users will find a lot to like, too.

Premium WMR

HP Reverb (2019)

Via:: Windows Central

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