Print for less with these third-party ink replacements for Canon printers

As someone who writes and takes photos for a living, I go through a lot of ink. My Canon printer was inexpensive, as most inkjet models are these days, but replacing the ink cartridges is not so budget-friendly. Enter third-party replacement ink cartridges that sell for a fraction of the cost and do just as good of a job as OEM cartridges. My favorite cartridges from E-Z Ink produce superb results and are a great value. If you’re looking for a more affordable option to Canon’s OEM cartridges, check out these third-party replacements.

Best Overall: E-Z Ink

Editor’s pick

This kit from E-Z Ink includes a whole lot of ink! You’ll get three large black cartridges and for color, three cyan, three magentas, three yellow, and three small black. The page yield for black is 500 pages per cartridge and color cartridges print roughly 300 pages.

The colors that come out of E-Z Ink are bright and accurate, making them an excellent choice for color documents, brochures, and photographs. The black ink cartridges are also spot-on for color and dry quickly with no bleed-through.

On the flip side, these can be a hassle to install. During installation, once you remove the sticky tab that holds the ink inside the cartridge, the color ink tend to drip out, so you’ll need to be quick.

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