Cortana could simulate empathy according to patent

Cortana might be getting better and responding to your feelings according to a recently published patent.

What you need to know

  • Cortana could gain the ability to react to human emotions according to a patent.
  • The assistant might also improve its ability to create contextual responses.
  • These features would rely on storing responses and data to look back on as reference points.

Microsoft’s AI assistant Cortana could be improving its contextual responses and gaining the ability to react to emotional states according to a recently published patent (via Windows United). The patent was filed in January 2018, but hit PatentScope this week. The patent breaks down that Cortana could gain improvements in contextual responses by remembering previous parts of conversations. This part of the patent isn’t new information. In May of this year, our Managing Editor, Daniel Rubino, wrote about how the future of Cortana is contexual. Cortana being able to perform tasks reliant on dozens of previous messages and data points is the future of the assistant.

A feature that could take this further is if the technology in the patent regarding emotion ever rolls out to the public. The patent explains that Cortana could use similar contextual learning to react to the emotional states of users.

Via:: Windows Central

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