Samsung Q60R QLED TV for Xbox One gaming is incredible, after tweaks

I recently upgraded my gen-1 4K TV to Samsung’s 2019 Q60R TV. And I’m so damn glad I did.

Due to space limitations, I hadn’t upgraded to a TV set with true HDR since I couldn’t find one that would fit into my room, that was also reasonably priced. Cue Samsung’s new QLED Q60 line for 2019, which starts at 43 inches and goes all the way up to a whopping 82 inches.

I’m by no means an experienced display analyst, and my frame of reference is limited. Regardless, I wanted to jot some notes down about how my Q60R has massively enhanced my Xbox One X and PC gaming over my very limited first generation 4K TV, while also shining a spotlight on some of the fancy features Samsung throws in as part of its SmartThings IoT platform. It took a bit of a journey to get my TV to where I wanted it, but now that I’m there, I’m absolutely stunned by the results.

Via:: Windows Central

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