Is the Kingdom Come: Deliverance ‘A Woman’s Lot’ DLC worth it?

Best answer: Absolutely. The ‘A Woman’s Lot’ DLC has an incredible story, is an excellent change of pace compared to the normal action-packed campaign of Kingdom Come: Deliverance, and has a ton of fun content to enjoy in it as well.

What’s so good about A Woman’s Lot?

The ‘A Woman’s Lot’ DLC for Kingdom Come: Deliverance delivers a very well-written narrative from the perspective of one of the most important characters in the base game: Theresa. It takes place before, during, and after the infamous raid on Skalitz by the Cuman forces that occurs at the beginning of Kingdom Come: Deliverance, and shows us how Theresa managed to survive it. The experience is slower and more stealth-driven than most of the base game’s gameplay, and there’s enough content here to last you several play sessions.

Via:: Windows Central

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