How to get iRacing installed on your PC if it’s being a pain

If you’re just getting started with iRacing on your PC you might come across a pretty annoying problem. Here’s how to fix it.

iRacing is about the most realistic sim racing experience you can get on a Windows PC right now, or without going outside and actually getting in a car. It’s been around for many years but continues to add new fans to its already thriving community.

Despite the incredible realism of the sim, however, the iRacing client isn’t the most intuitive piece of software ever designed. And, if you’re setting up for the first time you may come across the same issue I did that causes much frustration. If you simply can’t seem to get the initial content to download, here’s a fix.

The issue – iRacing Game content not downloading

Whether you go through Steam or through, the initial client download isn’t very big at all. Once you’ve done the initial install, you then have to download all the content that comes included with the base version of the game.

It should be about 7.4GB, so not a huge download, but for some of us, despite leaving it alone for a couple of days, nothing happened. Nothing at all, no matter how many times you try and set it going.

The fix

Via:: Windows Central

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