Best Minecraft Earth Phones

Minecraft Earth is soon headed to mobile devices across the globe, bridging the hit block-building franchise with the real world. Capitalizing on the Pokemon Go phenomenon, its augmented reality (AR) offering signals all-new potential for Microsoft’s creative sandbox. And while slated to launch later in 2019, the OnePlus 7 Pro offers a striking display and high-performance hardware primed for delivering an unrivalled AR experience for Minecraft Earth.

Best Overall: OnePlus 7 Pro

The OnePlus 7 Pro enters as one of 2019’s leading flagships, granting top-tier performance and design for hundreds less than rivals. The device’s centerpiece is that stunning edge-to-edge OLED display, among the few dropping the notch for an encompassing 6.7-inch plain. With a 90Hz refresh rate powered by complementary hardware too, it offers more fluid motion in gaming and navigation.

Speed and simplicity perfectly summarize the OnePlus 7 Pro as an attractive Android pickup. It bakes in the best of modern Android phones, from its screen and sharp specifications to the finer details. Although a hefty silhouette and no wireless charging may deter some, it’s otherwise unbeaten and saves a ton in the process.

Via:: Windows Central

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